How Much Can an HR Franchisee earn?

Director for Hampshire East, Jackie Hudson invested in an ourHRpeople franchise in September 2020 and within five weeks she recouped her entire franchise investment. In November 2020 she billed £16,414. Jackie says:

“I’m working half the hours I did as an in-house HR Director and I’m earning the same money!”

Unlike other HR franchises, ourHRpeople does not take a percentage of its franchisees’ earnings, only the initial investment. This financial freedom means that every penny Jackie earns goes straight into her pocket, and she will always continue to benefit from the ourHRpeople brand and ongoing resources, training and business support.

Hitting the ground running with ourHRpeople

One of the ‘tipping points’ for Jackie when she signed up with ourHRpeople was that she was given a client to work with from day one. She now works with four active clients, averaging 26.75 client hours a week.

Jackie, a former HR Director used to work 13 hour days with a four hour commute, and now works from home. She uses her new-found extra time for on-boarding, training, marketing, blogging and personal admin. Jackie says:

“At the moment I’m working hard to build my client base and putting in the hours but with far more flexibility. I love being able to go out during the day and if I want to cut my hours down, I can.”

Jackie’s £16,000 a month success story

Jackie’s earnings are steadily impressive, but not at all unusual for an experienced HR consultant working with good support.

Jackie says: “My earnings are on a par with my previous base salary as an HR Director but without the same levels of stress. At the end of the day if I disagree with something, it doesn’t bother me as I am not an employee!” 

Learning curves mean earning curves

Jackie’s work life is very different now. The variety is huge and the number of people she works with across her four clients means that no day is the same. She’s had to become an expert in many areas, some she hadn’t used for a while and also be far more organised to balance what can feel like ‘four jobs’.

Steve Wright, ourHRpeople’s Managing Director says: “We are immensely proud of Jackie’s achievement. She has shown immense focus and put into play our methodologies with gusto, even when outside her comfort zone.”

Founders of ourHRpeople Alix and Steve provide their franchisees with thorough training and ongoing support. They coached Jackie in their proven methods to maximise her time and earnings and showed her how to effectively prioritise competing client demands. The way Jackie works now is a lot different from her corporate world. She says her confidence has grown:

“Most of all, I now have a confidence in my ability to be a trusted HR partner to my clients.  I have realised that what I know is extremely valuable and whilst it may be second nature to me, it isn’t to the average CEO of an SME.  They value my experience and input in a way which I never appreciated or received as an employee.”

Jackie does miss working alongside a big team, but feels as though she is very much part of the ourHRpeople team. She says: “You have to do the work yourself and cannot delegate to a colleague, however when you get stuck on something or need advice then Steve or Alix are there with the answer.”

Alix Passey-Brown, ourHRpeople’s Partnership Director says: “Jackie is a talented HR Director and has a great work ethic, which is why she is making such a huge success of her HR franchise. She’s adapted seamlessly to self-employment.”

To potential HR Franchisees, Jackie says:

“It is hard work.  You need to put the hours in.  You need to get out of your comfort zone and learn new things – running a business for me is the biggest one.  The rewards are variety, a better work-life balance, no more 13 hour minimum days and maintaining my earnings capability.”

To find out how you can make a success of an ourHRpeople franchise, call Alix on 03302 020218 or email

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