Getting started

What we provide

Our Partners receive a generous package of ongoing support, which includes:

  • our unique 4 phase business methodology
  • large territories of at least 10,000 businesses
  • a dedicated Accountant, Xero accounting software and VAT registration
  • your own limited company
  • access to our established business and preferred supplier networks
  • website and bespoke marketing materials that work
  • professional consulting tools
  • structured professional and personal development
  • coaching and mentoring
  • a suite of training workshops
  • hundreds of professional HR documents
  • 7 day a week support from the Directors for business advice and case conferences
  • a powerful brand
  • a strong business development strategy
  • sales and networking development activities
  • multi-channel income opportunities
  • established and pre-approved contacts
  • support with invoicing
  • holiday cover
  • access to our Isle of Wight retreat for you and your family
Lancaster House

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Why chose ourHRpeople?

ourHRpeople gives its Partners everything they need to set up and run a profitable HR consulting business. It provides the opportunity for Partners to earn £64,000 or more per year, giving them total control of fees and hours.

We make sure our Partners stand head and shoulders above the competition and are seen as creditable business partners. ourHRpeople makes you look better, sound better and be better than the rest, with its market-leading business strategy, coaching, materials, tools, marketing and contacts. You already have outstanding HR experience and people skills. Use ourHRpeople as a springboard into your local marketplace and you are primed for success.

Business development

Over the years we have built up a great network of business experts and professionals – you get access to them, their businesses and their networks. We want you to take our brand and our knowledge and build your own successful business. ourHRpeople provides you with the advice, tools and training you need, and we’ll support you in the set up and ongoing running of the business – but it’s flexible for you to develop in the way you wish.

Why use a franchise?

We’ve met a lot of excellent HR professionals, but few know how to run their own business. Brexit, a growing SME sector and political uncertainty means that the HR consulting industry will be more in demand than ever before. There is plenty of work out there for talented HR specialists.

According to the NatWest Franchise Report 2018, 99% of franchises succeed, compared to 50% of non-franchise start-ups. Turnover generated by franchises has increased by £2.1billion since 2015. In an uncertain economy, franchises are proving their worth.

Franchisees list the benefits of this business model as:

  • support provided
  • quality expectation
  • having a standardised service
  • appearing to be a larger business
  • having a sustainable business
  • competitive advantage
  • reduced risk
  • limited financial liabilities

A recession proof business

It really is. We’re the proof of that. SMEs make up 99% of all UK businesses – all 5.7 million of them; as HR is an essential part of any business, you can almost guarantee they’ll need your professional services at some time, regardless of the prevailing economic circumstances. What other business opportunity can say that? Change has never been this fast and will never be this slow again. As an ourHRpeople Partner, you’ll be embedded in your client’s businesses and become part of their success stories. ourHRpeople gives HR professionals the opportunity to grow a business and work for themselves whilst partnering with their clients achieve their potential.