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Coaxing employees back to the office can be a daunting task, so we have broken it down into these five steps.

People Management magazine reported earlier this week that research carried out by law firm GQ Littler found that COVID-related claims to the Employment Tribunal have increased by 27% on the previous year. On the face of it, this news is hardly surprising.  Companies have been battling with the effect of the

Jackie Hudson, ourHRpeople’s Director for Hampshire East has terminated so many contracts that she and a colleague were once known as ‘grim’ and ‘grimmer’. We had a chat with Jackie to find out the best way to let someone go. ourHRpeople: What is the difference between making someone redundant and firing

How can you be a better manager in 2021?

This year it feels like we have constantly been reacting to events, leaving little room for proactive strategy. Our 2020 plans seem laughable now as we look back on how the year has unfolded. Your company may have adapted well to this virtual and more agile way of working, but planning

Keeping employees connected and engaged during the pandemic has been a big topic of conversation, resulting in new remote team building activities ranging from the daily zoom meeting to the Friday night virtual pub-style quiz. Teambuilding is a sure-fire way to nurture employee comradery but many managers have neglected it during

As we teeter on the brink of another wave of the coronavirus pandemic and another round of homeworking, home schooling and local lockdowns, it’s time to look at what we can do better next time in regards to employee wellbeing. Mark Witte, Principal at Aon, says: “The pandemic has been a

There is an infinite list of things that employers need to think about to ensure the success of a home-working workforce. As we settle into our ‘new normal’ with many employees now working from home, this is a good opportunity to look at what has been working well so far and