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Support your team! The UEFA Euro 2024 starts on 14 June and lasts until 14 July. This is good news for football fans but could cause difficulties for employers. Employers could be facing a serious loss of productivity if staff phone in sick or do not turn up for work. Our

Welcome to the May issue of the ourHRpeople Newsletter! This month we are looking at the benefits of executive coaching, with a useful case study. The Power of Executive Coaching: Driving Success for Leaders and Businesses In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, companies of all sizes are constantly seeking ways

With effect from April 2025, employees will qualify for 12 weeks of leave if their child is receiving neonatal care.

There are numerous changes to employee’s rights (mainly) from April 2024. The effects are wide ranging. The year ahead is set to be one of considerable change in the world of Employment Law. Much of the legislative change is being driven by post-Brexit reforms which are only now starting to come into effect.

Welcome to Issue 26 of the ourHRpeople Newsletter, now hosted on our website. This month we are covering: Embracing Compassion –the key to successful HR change projects Holiday pay for irregular  and part-year workers –  starts April 2024 If you would like to be added the the ourHRpeople mailing list, please email

 The Workers (Predictable Terms and Conditions) Act 2023 is expected to come into force in September 2024, and will implement a new statutory right for workers to request a more predictable working pattern. 

 A geophysicist has been awarded £340,000 for unfair dismissal, age discrimination, victimisation, and breach of contract after his boss referred to him as a “pensioner” and added: “We need to find a way to take him out,” an employment tribunal has ruled. 

We are always monitoring the HR industry to make sure we are working with the very best suppliers that will offer the best service to our franchisees and their clients. This is one more thing that ourHRpeople Area Directors don’t need to worry about! We’re happy to announce that we are

In anticipation of the next UK general election taking place in 2024, the Labour Party has been promising reforms to the employment landscape of a greater magnitude than, arguably, any time in the last 40 years.