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We asked our Area Directors to tell us a little of how they are working with their clients. 1. Which are the factors that employees consider these days when accepting or not a job offer? Are salaries as important as before?Salary is a necessity, a hygiene factor, especially with rising costs

HR COVID-19 UPDATE – FEBRUARY 2022 The government appears to have accepted that we are still in the pandemic phase of the virus. Its new guidance COVID-19 response: Living with COVID (published on 21 February) talks of responding to the virus in a similar way to other existing respiratory illnesses ‘once’ we reach

Court of Appeal overrules lower courts in Smith vs. Pimlico Plumbers The Court of Appeal has ruled on the long-running Smith vs Pimlico Plumbers case and overturned the decisions in lower courts to force Pimlico Plumbers to compensate Smith for previously unpaid annual leave. This is reported to amount to nearly

We are thrilled to be a finalist in the Virtual Franchising Awards 2022 for the category of Franchisee Of The Year and New Franchisor of the Year! For New Franchisor of the Year we demonstrated how the ourHRpeople package exceeded other HR franchises in the level of support offered and unique business model.

The ourHRpeople franchise was founded in 2019 to assist senior HR Specialists to transition from being employed to a business offering HR consulting. To date, ourHRpeople have two Director-level franchisees who have joined us, with one more starting in January 2022. Our unique approach is the extensive mentoring we undertake to

There have been more people changing jobs and careers in the past 18 months than in the last decade. This is of course due to the mass upheaval of the economy, but also in a large part because of the new ethos shift from ‘living to work’ towards ‘working to live’.

On 5 August 2021, the government released its most recent list of companies which have breached the requirement to pay employees at least the National Minimum Wage (NMW). In total, 191 companies were named including many household names, such as John Lewis, Pret and The Body Shop. The requirement to pay

What should you do if you discover that an existing employee hasn’t applied for settled or pre-settled status? All employers in the UK have a responsibility to prevent illegal working. You do this by conducting simple right to work checks before you employ someone, to make sure the individual is not

Since 30 March last year, the government has been allowing employers to use video calls and acceptscans, or photographs, of right to work documents. Remote screening services, with verification taking place over video with a trained professional, has enabled thousands more people to start work during lockdown easing the damage caused